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Offering the latest research findings

Our company was founded in 1997 under the name Mikrotrade Ltd. The purpose of its establishment is to ensure a high level of mineral supply in animal feed. Intensive production and industrial-style keeping conditions increase the demands placed on the supply of microelements. The effect of the improved supply of microelements is mainly manifested in the improvement of the health of the animals and the long useful life. To achieve our goals, we asked for the help of a company with a scientific background. The research and international recognition of the American company Zinpro offered us a good opportunity to achieve our goals.

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Our products

Since 2004, we have been producing microelement combinations for the implementation of our animal health programs, divided into animal species and age groups. Special sources of microelements, as well as combinations of microelements and yeast, are the most important boosters of the immune system. Therefore, the production of animal products raised without or with little medication is the most important area of ​​development for Mikrotrade Ltd.

All of our products sold for cattle are in some way related to maintaining health and preventing diseases.


Modern technologies at first hand.       To develop high production, we recommend our feed supplements containing special minerals and yeast derivatives.

The huge development in poultry breeding and the industrial-like keeping conditions have created new demands in poultry feeding.

Horse feeding

The two most common diseases in horses are lameness and colic. For them, we recommend our special health care products for prevention.

Why choose our company?

Because We offer the best Solutions for Animal Health

Because we work fast

We know how important it is that our products are always available. We offer solutions that can help you immediately.

Communication is important

We are aware that many questions may arise in connection with each order placed, so do not be afraid to ask them.

We deliver quickly

With our own vehicle fleet, we deliver the products you ordered as soon as possible, because we know that time works for you.

We believe in good partnership

Just like you, a suitable and reliable long-term partnership is important to us. That's why we work continuously.

We are here to help you

Problematic cases often arise, for which there is certainly a solution if you contact us in time. Our employees are happy to help.

We are available

We do not disappear, we are not unreachable, it cannot happen that you order something and we cannot attend to your needs.

Mikrotrade Ltd.

Feeding, feed supplement microelements, yeasts, animal health, foot health. Feed additives for pigs, cattle and poultry.

Have a question? Do they need help? Contact us with confidence. Our employees are happy to receive your call.

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